Coaster Set (4)

Coaster Set (4)

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Handcrafted coasters. These are made from Black Limba. These coasters can be made to a custom size. Our coasters will each vary depending on wood type and grain. This ensures that each one is unique. As each coaster set is handcrafted, they usually ship within 7-10 business days. If you need it sooner please contact us prior to ordering. Actual product may vary from ones pictured due to natural wood characteristics, grain and availability. They are made using the face of the wood. If you would like a specific pattern, please let us know prior to ordering (additional cost may apply).


Material Available: Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Black Limba and Sapele.  Purple Heart and other hardwoods may be available at additional cost.


    Please specify if you would like them round or square. Also what you would like them made out of. 


    We have a 100% satisfaction guarntee. We offer a 15 day return/refund policy, please reach out to us first with and concerns or questions. 


    As our items are handcrafted, they ususally ship within 7-10 business days. Holidays may extend this. 



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